Yield Farming (HUNNY HIVES)

At HunnyFinance, we use our farms to primarily incentivize users to provide liquidity for their favourite projects by rewarding them in respective tokens with an additional $HUNNY. It’s in our best interest to encourage liquidity for popular trading pairs on HunnyFinance. Using our farms, users can stake their $HUNNY tokens to earn higher APYs through HunnyFinance.
If you’re considering supplying liquidity to one of our pools in order to farm, it’s important to understand the effects of impermanent loss. For a great guide on impermanent loss, check out this article from Binance Academy.

HUNNY+ Auto Compounding Hive

In this hive, users can stake using their $HUNNY tokens, and be rewarded with an additional $HUNNY. The APR for this farm is dependent on the performance of all the other farms since the 30% performance fees on other farms are what is collected and given out as the reward/ROI for the HUNNY pool.

CAKE Hive & Rest of Single Asset Hives

Stake $CAKE or respective tokens in our Hives, and be rewarded in $CAKE (or respective tokens) + $HUNNY. There should be a withdrawal fee of 0.5% if withdrawn within 48 hours. With the auto-compounding farms, users can claim their profits, without exiting the farm.

Rest of Hunny Farms

Currently, we have CAKE-BNB, BUSD-BNB, USDT-BNB, DOGE-BNB Hives on HunnyFinance. Our smart contracts automatically compound your investments, giving you a higher APY. For these pools, you will be getting the respective tokens of the pool as profits, as well as $HUNNY. 30% of profits will be collected and given as $HUNNY tokens. You can claim all of your profits, without exiting the farm.

Hive Profit Breakdown

All profits earned in all farms are being compounded before any withdrawals, you may withdraw your tokens anytime bearing in mind that there will be a 0.5% fee if withdrawal is made within 48 hours. Upon withdrawal, 30% of the farming profits will be calculated as per the price of $BNB. Please refer to the current emission here. Do note that what you see on the profit displayed is only an estimation and will only be affirmed at the exact time of profit claims or withdrawal. An example: If the current emission is 1 BNB to 800 HUNNY, when Jack deposits 1000 $CAKE, and earns a profit of 100 $CAKE. Referencing the time of withdrawal, $CAKE is $25 and $BNB is $500, in this scenario, Jack will receive 70 $CAKE and [((30 $CAKE x $25)/$500) x 800 $HUNNY] = 1200 $HUNNY