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HunnyPlay Staking

Stake your HUNNY or LOVE to Earn BUSD, BNB and CAKE

Earn up to 65% APY when you stake $HUNNY or $LOVE on HunnyPlay, You'll be receiving weekly rewards in $BUSD, $BNB, and $CAKE.

How to Start Staking

Go to the HunnyPlay Staking page and connect your wallet to HunnyPlay.
Deposit your $HUNNY or $LOVE to your HunnyPlay Account.
After your $HUNNY or $LOVE is in your HunnyPlay Account, you may click on the "Stake" Button to stake your $HUNNY or $LOVE!
Enter the desired amount of $HUNNY or $LOVE to stake or click on "MAX" button to stake all of your $HUNNY or $LOVE.
Click on the "Confirm" button to start staking.
Refresh the page to see your staking deposits.
Or view your past staking under "History".
You will need to stake your tokens for at least 1 hour to be able to earn the rewards in the upcoming week.
You may click on "Unstake" to unstake your $HUNNY or $LOVE. Unstaked tokens will be transferred back to your HunnyPlay Account.

Claiming your Staking Payout

You may view your claimable staking payout in "My Staking Payout". You may proceed to "Claim" your Payout when the rewards are distributed. After claiming your payout, it will be added to your HunnyPlay Account.