If you love Texas Hold'em, try your luck to win more HUNNY from HunnyPoker.
Through HunnyPoker, we want our community to come together to bond and unwind. The rakes received from all poker games will be split into portions, one to be burnt, one for the dev team and the remaining will go into the HunnyJar (Coming Soon) which will be distributed amongst our valued members (BumbleBees & HunnyBees).

Currency for HunnyPoker

HUNNY is the in-app currency for HunnyPoker. All games will be played using HUNNY as the main currency. Users will need to create a profile to start playing the game. Users can seamlessly top up their accounts with HUNNY tokens to start. Creating the profile allows the system to recognize each unique user and tag a referral code, allowing each user to refer more friends to have a game of poker and earn more HUNNY from HunnyJar!

Commission (Rake) for Games

There will be a 5% rake taken from every game. Rake will have a maximum limit of 5 times the Big Blind amount. The rake collected will be divided into 3 portions: 2% to HunnyJar 2% to developers 1% to burn

Earn More HUNNY by Playing With Your Friends (Coming Soon)

Connect your wallet to HunnyPoker, a random username will be assigned to you which you may change thereafter. Our system will also create a referral code so that users can refer their friends to play. You can also set up a private VIP room in HunnyPoker to have a round of poker with only invited friends! Based on the number of friends that the user has introduced to play HunnyPoker together, he/she stands a chance to earn additional rewards from HunnyJar. For the poker games, as mentioned earlier, there is a total of 5% rake collected from each game, with a maximum limit of 5 times the Big Blind amount. Of the 5% collected, 2% goes into the HunnyJar (including a portion of the HunnyLottery earnings). There are 2 ranks that users can strive to achieve for more rewards: HunnyBee and BumbleBee.
  1. 1.
    To be promoted to be HunnyBee, users will need to refer 20 users to join HunnyPoker. 60% of the HunnyJar will be distributed amongst HunnyBees.
  2. 2.
    To be promoted to be BumbleBee, users will need to refer 200 users to join HunnyPoker, 40% of the HunnyJar earned will be distributed amongst BumbleBees.
Example: A game of poker has ended with a total pot of 10,000 HUNNY, the rake of 2% goes into HunnyJar, 200 HUNNY. If there are 10 HunnyBees and 3 BumbleBees; each HunnyBee will earn 12 HUNNY and each 26.67 HUNNY. The above scenario is for 1 single game which probably lasted for less than 10 minutes. How many games do you think there will be in a day? A week? You do the math.


Why do I not get 100% of my winnings? There will be a 5% commission taken from the winning pot for every round. So you get 95% of the winnings. Rakes will have a maximum limit of 5 times the Big Blind amount.
Why can't I play with BNB or other currency? HUNNY is the only currency we use for HunnyPoker. Other tokens may be added in the future.
The tokens are burned manually after every game, or is it automatic? The tokens are burned automatically once a day at 2 PM (UTC) after tabulation from all games played on that day.
What's the max HUNNY I can play for each game? There is no maximum amount of HUNNY you can put in the game, but you won't be able to add more funds to the table in the middle of the game.
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