HunnyPlay Dollar ($HUSD)

What is $HUSD?

HunnyPlayDollar ($HUSD) is a special currency launched by HunnyPlay.

You can use HUSD to play games or swap into other supported stablecoins.

HUSD is an in-game currency to be used within HunnyPlay only. To withdraw your HUSD you will need to swap HUSD into other supported stablecoins.

How to get HUSD?

HUSD can be obtained through various promotions or bonuses in HunnyPlay such as a first-time deposit bonus and lucky spin(coming soon). Any HUSD obtained will be in a locked state.

How to unlock HUSD

Locked HUSD can be unlocked through wagers in HunnyPlay.

UnlockedAmount=AmountWagered3.33%5%Unlocked Amount = AmountWagered * 3.33\% * 5\%

How to claim unlocked HUSD?

As you wager in HunnyPlay, your HUSD treasure box will automatically be filled with unlocked HUSD. You may click on the “Claim” button to claim the unlocked HUSD balance.

Once you have claimed the unlocked HUSD, it will be immediately available for use!

Can I Swap HUSD for another currency?

Yes, you can! The most exciting thing is that the value of 1 HUSD is bound to the price of 1 USD. You can swap your unlocked HUSD into other supported stablecoins such as USDT/USDC at any time.

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