(iOS) Connecting to HunnyFinance with Trust Wallet

Important Notice

Trust Wallet are completely removing the decentralized application (DApp) browser on iOS platform from Version 6.0 onwards. This is required to comply with Apple’s App Store Guidelines.


There is no impact for Android users, this update only affects iOS users.

To the affected iOS users, you may still access HunnyFinance website via WalletConnect. We have prepared the following guideline below:

For Mobile Users:

  1. Open Safari Browser from your mobile phone.

  2. Go to HunnyFinance website (https://hunny.finance/).

  3. Tap on Connect Wallet.

  4. Select WalletConnect.

  5. Select Trust as your preferred wallet.

  6. You will be redirected to your Trust Wallet on your mobile phone.

  7. Tap on Connect.

  8. Check and ensure your Status is "Online" and you are connected to "hunny.finance"

  9. Go back to your Safari Browser.

  10. Tap on WalletConnect again.

  11. Your Trust Wallet should now be successfully connected.

For iOS users who are still facing issue connecting to HunnyFinance via the above method, you may try to clear cache/website data in your Safari Browser

Settings->Safari->Advanced->Website Data

Search and delete hunny.finance.

For PC Users:

You may refer to the link below.


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