Staking NFT (Coming Soon)
This is not your average NFTs, but an NFT with staking functionality.
Here’s the good news! You will be earning more $CAKE, $BNB, and $HUNNY by staking our Staking NFTs in the NFT Vaults! Staking platform revenue and rewards from the staking will be shared by staking in our vaults.
Our team has been working really hard (and smart) on this staking gameplay to make it more interactive for all Hunnies! There will be 3 different decks i.e. Gold, Silver, and Bronze, each deck comes with 52 cards, which will give a total number of 156 Unlimited Cards. 13 Hunnies were also selected to be included in these decks. (Psst!….there will also be a special Joker Card 🤡 in each deck!)
If you know how to play poker, you will know which cards to collect. It’s that easy. With a good combination of Staking NFTs, your returns will be amplified. So try to get the best hands possible. More information will be shared very soon.
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