HunnyBunnies NFT

Introducing our HunnyBunnies NFT

We know all Hunnies have been waiting for this since day 1! We are super hyped for Hunny NFTs and can’t wait to tell you what we’re working on! There will be 3 different types of NFTs:
  1. 1.
    Collectible NFTs
  2. 2.
    Staking NFTs via NFT Vault
  3. 3.
    Gaming P2E NFTs

Collectible NFTs

To satisfy your obsession with our HunnyBunnies, we are going to pre-mint only 300 Hunny Collectible NFTs for our first series.
For the first batch, we will have 50 pieces of 6 HunnyBunnies from the Original (OG) series in Phase 1 with different sets of attributes to define their rarity. We will have other collections such as Cyber Hunnies, Collab series, Real Hunnies series coming soon after Phase 1.

Staking NFTs gameplay with NFT Vault

There will be 3 different decks i.e. Gold, Silver, and Bronze, each deck comes with 52 cards, which will give a total number of 156 Unlimited Cards. 13 Hunnies were also selected to be included in these decks. (Psst!….in each deck, there will also be 1 extra special card 🤡!)
Start collecting your favorite cards, more to be revealed soon! Hint: If you know how to play poker, you will know what to collect.
Stake your cards in the NFT Vault and start earning BNB + CAKE + HUNNY! Isn’t this the dream combination of earnings??

Gaming NFTs

We’ll also be dropping gaming NFTs for our Play-To-Earn game soon!