Hunny NFT Ecosystem

There will be three phases of launch for our NFTs:

Phase 1 (3 weeks):
  • NFT Mystery Box for Hunny NFT. These NFTs will come in different attributes. Some of the attributes are so rare, they can only be found in a small number of them. Some NFTs will have special utilities such as staking and profit sharing capabilities.
  • NFT Marketplace (Buy, Sell, and Bid)
  • NFT P2P Marketplace (Buy, Sell, Bid, and Auction*)
Phase 2 (2 weeks):
  • NFT Mystery Box for Hunny Staking NFT
  • Staking NFTs. Stake your NFTs to earn $CAKE + $BNB + $HUNNY
  • Poker Table NFTs for HunnyPoker
Phase 3 (TBC):
  • Mint your own NFTs, list, and sell them on our NFT P2P Marketplace
  • NFT P2E Game
  • Create your profile and display your NFTs in the gallery
This is the easiest way for Hunny NFT collectors to flex and showcase their NFTs in a fully immersive digital gallery and give life to all your Hunny NFTs.
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