OG Series

Our First Original Series Collectible NFT
There will only be 300 limited Hunny collectible NFTs in total for this series. (16% of the first batch will be reserved for marketing). For the first batch, we will have 50 pieces of 6 HunnyBunnies from the OG series in Phase 1 with different sets of attributes to define their rarity. Every NFT will have a rarity score from 0–15 stars.
Rarity Chart: 14–15 Stars: Legendary (6) 11–13 Stars: Epic (24) 6–10 Stars: Rare (60) 1–5 Stars: Common (210)
For the OG series, these are the attributes that determine the rarity
Rarity Table for OG Series Collectible NFT
  • Bunny Ears (Fluffy, Robotic, Devilish, Diamond)
  • Dress (Classic dress is the cutest!)
  • Background (Stage, Metaverse, Moon, Casino)
  • Accessories (Mask, Shades, Hunny Chain, Flying Chips)
  • Glitter (If your card has glitter, it will shine bright!)
OG Series - Collectibles NFT. Look at how Belle glitters!

So what’s so special about the OG series?

The rarity of OG series Collectibles will give you an additional booster to referral rewards* and VIP cashback ranks*.

Rarity Chart

Legendary: Increase VIP cashback rank +2 & Increase Referral rewards +20% Epic: Increase VIP cashback rank +1 & Increase Referral rewards +10% Rare: Increase Referral rewards +10% Common: Increase Referral rewards +5%

Why you should get the OG series Hunny Collectible NFTs?

Only for this series, all 300 OG Series NFT holders will be part of HunnyPlay VIP Club Members. *Future benefits of being HunnyPlay VIP Club Member includes - Chances to get exclusive collab NFT airdrop - Priority access to Launchpad - Free spins - More benefits to be announced

Other Series Coming up

We will have other collections such as Cyber Hunnies, Collab series, Hunnies ambassador series coming soon after Phase 1.